Help a Loved One


It’s not easy to watch someone you care about struggle with opioid addiction.

But it’s important to remember that your support can go a long way in getting them the help they need. If someone you care about is using drugs, you can do some things to help.


What can I do?

Learn about opioid addiction

Addiction can be very difficult to understand. The best thing to do to start helping your friend or family member is to learn more about what they’re going through
Get the facts about opioid addiction.

Talk with your loved one and offer your support

Starting a conversation about opioid use with someone you care about is never easy, but it’s important. Tell your loved one that you’re concerned and you’ll do whatever you can to support them. Get more tips for talking with your loved one.

Help them find treatment

Even people who are ready to get help for opioid addiction may put it off because it’s overwhelming to find the right kind of treatment. You can help with that — learn about treatment options and help your loved one find a program in their area.

Take care of yourself, too

It’s not easy to support someone dealing with addiction. Be sure to build in a support system for yourself. For example, it might be a good idea to see a counselor — or to find family support meetings near you.