The Action Plan

Rhode Island is a national leader in responding to the overdose crisis, but we aren’t done yet.

Now, we’re taking it further with an updated plan. This plan builds on our past success and will help us continue to save lives. Here’s how our state is saving lives and ending the overdose crisis:

Our Main Goal:

Decrease the number of Overdose Deaths

Source (RIDOH)
More Overdose Data

Treatment Strategy:

Increase the number of people receiving medication-assisted treatment each year

Source (Rhode Island PDMP)
Source (BHDDH)
More Treatment Data

Rescue Strategy:

Increase the number of naloxone kits distributed in the community each year

Source (RIDOH)
More Naloxone Data

Prevention Strategy:

Decrease the number of people receiving opioid/benzodiazepine prescriptions

Source (Rhode Island PDMP)

Recovery Strategy:

Increase the number of peer recovery coaches and contacts each month

Source (ANCHOR) Source (BHDDH)



The Action Plan

To respond to this public health crisis, Rhode Island has developed a strategic plan to address the epidemic. Building on past accomplishments and progress of the original plan, the strategic plan was updated in 2019.

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