Safer Drug Use Practices

Learning to take care of yourself takes time and thought

Everyone deserves to take care of themselves whether they use drugs or not. Use this page to help you get started. The following are specific actions that you can take to help you use drugs safer – it includes resources in the community that you can get access to, as well as general suggestions to prevent overdose and infection.

What can you do?

I can get the supplies that I need to stay healthy

I can get naloxone and stop an overdose

I can have someone with me when I use drugs

  • You want someone with you when you are using drugs. Take turns using – that way one of you can call 911 if there is an overdose.
  • You can learn how to use naloxone to stop an overdose in case you see someone overdosing.
  • Did you know that more than half of the people who die from an overdose are using more than one drug at a time? You can be safer by using just one drug at a time.

I can go to a doctor and get tested

More Resources


Safer drug use infographics

Infographics that teach about staying safe with drug use. Available in English, Español, and Português.

Staying safe with fentanyl – infographics

Shareable infographics about how to stay safe with fentanyl. Available in English, Español, and Português.

Resources for safer drug use

Find where you can get syringes, naloxone, fentanyl test trips, and get tested for HIV and hepatitis C.