As a health care provider, you play a huge role in helping prevent overdose deaths in Rhode Island. On this page, you can find the most current data and resources to help you and your patients stay informeded.

Resources for yourself

Information for Providers – Access this page to find information about buprenorphine prescribing and other statewide programs that can help you deliver care to your patients.
Educational Tools for Providers – We also have additional resources, such as posters, videos, and pamphlets, that are helpful for both providers and patients.

Resources for your patients

Get Help – This page contains information about where to access different treatment options including buprenorphine and methadone.
Get Naloxone – Access this page to find naloxone. You can use this page to learn how to use naloxone and how to get free naloxone as well.
Fentanyl Test Strips – Fentanyl test strips are used to detect fentanyl, a powerful opioid, in drugs. Patients can find out where to get these strips to avoid fentanyl overdoses.
Safer Drug Use Practices – For patients that want to continue to use drugs, this page contains helpful practices to reduce the harms associated with drug use.
Resources for People who use Drugs – In addition to safer drug use practices, we also have compiled a page showing where patients can access resources for safer drug use, such as syringes, works, testing, and test strips.

Data about hospitals in Rhode Island

Detailed 48 Hour Reporting Data – Get insights into data from the 48 Hour Reporting System. You can use these tools to see data from your hospital. To access the page, please use the password (including brackets): [PORI!]
Emergency Response Data – This page shows statewide opioid overdose data on the 48 Hour Reporting System and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) runs. You can use this page to see statewide trends over time.