Our Action Plan

Governor Gina Raimondo's Overdose Prevention Action Plan is designed to help end the overdose crisis in Rhode Island and save lives. Download the Rhode Island Overdose Prevention Action Plan

Our Goals


The Action Plan has 2 main goals:

 Reducing the number of overdose deaths in the state of Rhode Island
 Reducing the number of emergency room visits related to overdose    
Overdose Death: Decrease the number of accidental drug overdose deaths each year
Benchmark: 258/year 
Goal: 170/year 
by 2018 
ED Visits: Decrease the number of emergency department visits for overdose each month
Benchmark: 78/month 
Goal: 51/month 
by 2018 

The Action Plan focuses on 4 strategies to reach these goals

Treatment: Increase number of people receiving medication assisted treatment each year
Benchmark: 8,960 people 
Goal: 12,532 people 
by 2018 
Rescue: Increase the number of Naloxone kits distributed in the community each year
Benchmark: 2,762/year 
Goal: 5,000/year 
by 2018 
Prevention & Prescribing: Decrease number of opioid/benzodiazepine prescriptions to same patient
Benchmark: 5,083/month 
Goal: 3,355/month 
by 2018 
Recovery: Increase the number of peer recovery coaches and contacts each month
Benchmark: 400/month 
Goal: 800/month 
by 2018 

Goal key:  

Recovery is Possible

Recovery is Possible

We are living proof!