Mini-Grant Opportunities

The Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH) gives mini-grants up to $4,900 to community-based organizations to support projects that address the overdose crisis in Rhode Island. Mini-grant applications for this quarter will be accepted until Friday, June 30th at 5pm. Apply for a mini-grant here.

Here is how you qualify for a mini-grant:
  • You are a non-profit organization.
  • You have experience offering services and support to people affected by overdose in our state.
  • Your project is data driven, that means you use data from the Rhode Island Multidisciplinary Review of Drug Overdose Death Evaluation (MODE) Reports in your proposal. These reports focus on important overdose trends in our state.
Please Note: Due to federal budget restrictions, mini-grant funds may not be used for the purchase of food or beverages. Grant funds cannot be used for the purchase of naloxone, implementation or expansion of drug “take-back” programs, or directly funding substance abuse treatment programs.

How do I apply?

Mini-grants are small awards that are offered on a quarterly basis. Check RIDOH’s website for details on when proposals are released and for specific instructions on how to apply.

How do I write a great proposal?

New to grant writing? Check out this online article for a clear guide on how to write a grant proposal.

Here are a few tips, you can also find more online:
  • Write clearly and to the point
  • Use data from the MODE reports
  • Read and follow the proposal directions
  • Don’t forget to proofread!

What do other mini-grants look like?

There are currently nine projects in Rhode Island that have been supported by mini-grant funding. Read more about the funded projects to see what successful mini grant projects looks like.